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Symbol: the Heart

The symbol of the heart has many associations and needs to be personally interpreted to understand it`s profound meaning. It sometimes symbolizes the flow of creative life energy. At other times, the love heart represents romantic love. One thing is for sure however - if you’re seeing hearts wherever you go the Universe is showing you that love is all around.

Love is the most associated meaning of the heart symbol. The cute love heart is used to express a wide range of emotive meanings, from tenderness and romance, to full on sexual attraction. It decorates Valentine’s Day cards and gifts, and other tokens of affection. The heart sign is also a popular themed decoration to hang in your home, to display your loving and giving nature.

Spiritually, the heart represents four interconnected expressions of creation. It is the center of the creative spirit, the source of creative life energy, the place in which we align with the flow of Source energy, and where we hold all of the dreams that we wish to manifest.

The Heart is also where the Heart Chakra is located in. The Heart Chakra holds love and compassion. Color green, element air, affirmation "I am love and love freely".

Blockage can be caused by loss, rejection, abandonment, physical or verbal abuse, betrayal and ignored grief. Holding space for the healing of the Heart Chakra is one of my main goals with Reiki attunements. That is why there is this little heart with wings in my logo.

The Heart symbol is the perception of Oneness that teaches us that the bliss, the inner peace, the serenity, the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone, the LOVE that we all somehow know, is right where we are in each moment and that we are all connected to all else.

The heart symbol has been used for thousands of years, particularly when performing rituals. Alchemists, magicians and spiritual healers, across different cultures, would often use the symbol of the heart in matters relating to romance, love and the strengthening of existing relationships.

If you see hearts everywhere the Universe is urgently trying to tell you something. You may see a heart shaped cloud floating in the sky, or a cute heart shaped potato on your dinner plate. When you receive a visual heart themed clue, watch out for the sign of three. An assortment of three consecutive hearts suggests that love matters are your present focus in life.

Check in on your self-love ritual to make sure that you are treating yourself with due love and respect. The love that you give to yourself is the type of love that you can expect from others.

Your key words for the symbol heart: Love, Unity, Compassion, Joy, Attraction, Sensuality, Intimacy, Femininity, Sacredness and Spirituality

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