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I´m a Reiki Master and a mental health care nurse.

I work part-time as an Office Manager  at a private eye clinic where I also work as a nurse. At the moment I`m on maternity leave from this position, until August 2023.

I offer

 - distance Reiki and Shamanic Reiki sessions globally

 - feng shui assistance for the beginner or when you are looking for a fresh outlook on your space (I use the Western BTB bagua map) 

 - energy training customized to your needs in your event or one - on - one by guided meditations or lecture style

 - oracle card readings: separate and also often as a part of energy healings

 - pain relief healing with about 70% success rate. I use healing methods by Charlie Goldsmith (the Healer) 

I started Healing with Heli, my biz baby to follow my North Star: joy. I think you should do the thing that you are talented in and that brings you to flow. This work fulfills me with joy, I`m rather good at it and every time I work I find the flow and I love it. Naturally helping others is important too, but when you peel the onion of reasons and you come to the core reason, you find my self-care: I mainly do this for almost egoistic reasons, my pleasure in addition to the gratitude I experience seeing the results in my client.

I use my own custom blend of different energy healing and mastering modalities to hold space for you to heal and master your own energy.

My mission is to help the soul, who lives in the modern world and feels the pressure of balancing family and career and is aware of their need of energy work. Oftentimes it seems that my client has it all together: a good career, family, there`s working out, travelling and hobbies, but something is missing or feels ”off”. There are blocks in the energy flow that are usually caused by trauma or limiting beliefs. Sometimes just one session of Reiki or energy work helps the client a lot, but there are times, when a series of sessions is a better, more effective option. You might want to compare it to taking care of the physical body: someone only needs one visit to the physiotherapist, where someone else feels that they get help after multiple sessions. A series of 4 sessions is my charm, it has been proven to be the most beneficial with my clients and once a week is a good rhythm. You can purchase the series from my web shop.

Please contact me for any questions. Some clients want to take care of their relationship with me completely with no face to face interaction, other than the feedback e-mail I send them. If that`s you, go to web shop and make a booking. Some clients want to be reassured that I am the right person to attend to their energy or the energy of their home/office. If that`s you, send me an e-mail with your questions or we can set up a Zoom or Messenger video call or something. Also, I am always open for questions after the feedback and available for more work to be done.


Let your own light shine bright!

I am so happy that I get to work with you on your healing path.

Love and light,


My story

There are many layers to everybody`s  story. This one is about my personal healing path.

I got interested in crystals when I was studying to be a nurse a really long time ago. I remember visiting this Crystal Gallery for the first time when I was maybe 17 years old and stopped strolling around it at one point because I felt tingling and warmth in my belly and a sudden calm in my mind - and at that age calm is rare. I could not figure out where it came from. So there I stood feeling odd but peaceful. I didn`t want to move. The gallery keeper Mr Falck saw me and came to ask if there was something wrong and being the kind man he was he offered me a chance to help him - after doing my natal chart, of course :D I helped out in the crystal shop after school - I was studying to become a mental health care nurse at the time - and got paid in crystals, studied the healing powers of the pieces and then I went for it: I did a successful crystal healing to a friend who was suffering from a panic disorder. But it was me who panicked. The experience was so powerful (for the both of us) that I decided not to go further since I felt unprotected. I was afraid. So I kept collecting crystals and cleaning and charging and using them without intention. Until I got my babies...

Ever since early childhood I have re-arranged my room - and every other space I could get my hands on - without understanding why I felt compelled to do so before I came across feng shui in my twenties. Then my arranging got serious and the energy of my homes has helped me so much in the twists and turns of my life! Have studied and used feng shui over the years a lot. And I mean a lot.

After graduation (did a study on positive thinking for my final exam and got rewarded for it) I worked in a mental health care hospital as a mental health care nurse at closed wards but got frustrated really fast: I felt that there was no room or time for real healing, holding space for a patient. It was all about meds, hourly cigarettes and bs-rules. It was bad.

So I quit and got into sales. That was where I felt I could be of service: I have worked with furniture, home-decor, health-care products, jewellery and optics running the stores a few years. I am a very good sales person because I have always felt that the aim is not to get anyone to buy something but to help them to solve a need with something.

Then in 2008 I was diagnosed with a tumor in my head that would need surgery. Moved back to my childhood city, met the love of my life and got ready for surgery.

Operation date 18.3.2009.

I remember travelling to Helsinki by train, alone. I did not want anyone to come with me. It was going to be two days of tests before the operation. I was so scared. It was hard to breath.

The night before the surgery I got out of the hospital just for a while, went to the sea shore and ran. My coat open, welcoming the cold, just to feel anything else besides the fear that was taking over. I felt so alive. I was so sorry for myself for what was ahead. When I came back to the hospital I got sedatives and the next thing I remember is the big light in the operation room and then the next memory comes from the intense care unit where I used my fear to get my blood pressure to rise, the machines would then beep, I would get more meds and pass out until the pain would wake me up again.

It took two years to recover from the pain. It was a challenge.

I was lucky to have met my future husband: he was the one who helped me to get back on my feet, trying to make me take everything just a little bit over the pain, the dizziness, the confusion in my system. To push harder to get better. I learned about the power of love. I lost everything from the inside of my right ear: balance and hearing. The facial nerve thankfully was not cut.

But the operation was a success: no more tumor. After learning energy tools I have been able to cut the headaches that still bother me sometimes to a very minimum. And with trusting in the way I talk to myself I have learned to practise yoga and even did ballet for 6 months just to proof that I can if I want to - I did not settle for what they told me: that I would not even ride a bike with this balance. 

I got married 11.11.2011 (what a Master Number and he picked it up!! 11 has been my lucky number since I was 11!) to Teemu and we now have the three beautiful children of our dreams. But that is another story...


After giving birth I woke up to my spiritual abilities, my energetic side, again and this time I had the support I needed. I found some beautiful souls to teach me and I studied energy healing, energy tools, crystal healing, hypnotherapy, feng shui and a lot of other modalities, found a wonderful Reiki Master Teacher to learn from, got attuned and certified Reiki Master and now I practice Reiki every day. I do my self-Reiki, grounding and all modalities I feel called to at that time to stay aligned, I do Reiki for my closest almost every day, use all the tools I have learned along the way actively and feel so grateful especially for being able to serve someone who is in their pain, deep. The feedback is always such a blessing. Now do not get me wrong; it`s not all roses or even daffodils: the human experience is supposed to be difficult sometimes, it`s called learning, evolving and I embrace it. I know that I have the tools to face anything now. There is no more fear. I believe that intuition is my superpower - just like it is the superpower of all humans. It`s just a matter of hearing, trusting and acting on it!

Then I felt it is time to expand. I did not worry anymore about what people would say. This is not a conventional way of living around here and people can be cruel in their fear of the unknown. But I have decided to tell my truth and that is what Healing with Heli is all about. I want to hold space for everyone in need on their healing paths.

I did some test classes with energy, feng shui and of course Reiki and people liked them so here I am, been here for almost 3 years now. Ready to serve you too. Learning new ways to serve is my passion: I just graduated from Shamanic Reiki Practitioner course and am now learning energy healing by Charlie Goldsmith (the Healer) to heal physical pain. ..... And yes, there are crystals involved. And no, you do not need to believe in everything I believe in for me to be able to support you on your way. Just trust that everything works for your highest good and trust a little in the magic of energy. The only way energy healing cannot work for you is if you decide that it will not - and cross your hands to make sure to block the flow ;)

Read more about my services and see if you find something interesting in my blog and please, contact me if you feel called to work with me or have any questions.

Love and Light,

 - Heli

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