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Energy of your Environment

Feng Shui is a way of aligning your environment with you.

If you’re like most people interested in personal growth, you know how important it is to harness your mind in creating your best life. And if you’re one of those who looks deeper, perhaps you may have also explored subjects beyond your mind – such as your destiny and your soul purpose.

It is said that what makes a person feel fulfilled is for their dreams and goals to manifest. Well one third of your change to manifest is your spiritual ability (meditation, spirituality, connection to God or Goddess or Source or Universe or your Higher Self or whoever you choose to connect with), one third is your ability to use you consciousness to make those dreams into reality, that is using the law of attraction (raising your vibration, energy work, practise of discipline in order to get there and doing the work required) but then one third is the energy flow of your environment (and this is where feng shui comes in handy!).

I use the Western Bagua map (BTB feng shui school bagua). I will draw your baguas on your floor plan and give easy advice on how to amplify energies in different areas that correspond to your life areas. 

I also give you your lucky directions (converted to the Western school) (will need your date of birth for this) and how to make the most of your environment with simple and effective ways. It is an easy tool to make sure your home is supporting the you want to live.

There is sooooo much information out there regarding feng shui, but it takes some studying and understanding how to get the good directions (Kua) to work with the Western style which I personally find more clear to work with compared to the traditional school.

Price 111€

Give me a week to complete my suggestions for the feng shui of your home with your floor plan. It usually does not take that long, but with tricky floor plans it might.

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