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Natural healing for your energy

Reiki is energy healing coming thru the practitioner for the attunee. It is not a religion and perfectly safe for anyone to benefit from. Reiki takes into account the whole person and helps activate each client’s natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki is essentially a beautiful form of energy healing. Energy is at the core of everybody and everything – it’s the essential, unifying element for the whole universe. Everything is energetically connected to everything else, at some degree, including you and me.

We often talk about energy without much notice how someone has a lot of energy or that we are tired, no energy. Or have you noticed when you are around a really “up vibe” person, you get a bit of a “pick me up” just by being near them? Or when someone’s energy is really low or negative, it makes you feel bummed out? Why? Energy is contagious and when we focus on negative aspects of life, we can constrict the ability to connect with the universal source of energy. It is beneficial to focus on allowing universal energy to flow thru again, so optimum health and happiness can be achieved. 

Reiki  is comprised of two Japanese words: Rei, meaning Universal; and Ki, which is Life Force Energy. There are variations to this definition because the translations are not exact. But based on this, Reiki means: Universal Life Force Energy. 


Reiki healing is a non-invasive healing technique whereby Ithe healer channels the glorious, loving universal life force energy through them to their focus. This universal energy isn’t chaotic and happenstance; it’s intelligent, so once the healer channels it – it will go to the intended and do what’s necessary for their healing or greatest good. The hands are integral tools; however, they’re not necessarily needed. Reiki can be done with or without physical touch in order to stimulate the natural ability to heal. In saying that, using the hands helps in getting the feel for the energy, but the healer may not always need their hands.

One of the many magnificent aspects of Reiki is that its healing ability is not constrained by space or time – a healer can perform distance healing on anyone, anything, anywhere at any point in time. Distance Reiki is just as powerful as one-on-one sessions. Maybe even more so, because the attunee can be in the comfort of their own home and relax, receive the energy more easily. I personally like to do attunements in the evening, right before the attunee is going to sleep. 

I like to prepare the attunee for receiving Reiki by a call or an e-mail, whatever works for you is perfect and then the next day I will send an e-mail with my notes of what happened and what insights came thru. Suomeksi or in english.

Reiki healing 111€

One on one or distance - Reiki is just as powerful both ways. What ever you prefer is just perfect.

Please contact me for questions and booking or you can visit the webshop. You may choose if you prefer a classic Reiki treatment or a Shamanic Reiki session, where I do a chakra analysis and from that information I infuse shamanic practice like chakra spinning into the Reiki session. I myself like the effectiveness and speed of Shamanic Reiki.

My Lineage: Mikao Usui --> Chujiro Hayashi --> Hawayo Takata --> Phyllis Furomoto --> Claudia Hoffman --> Mary Shaw --> Christine Henderson --> Bruce Way --> Ariane McMinn --> Mona Khalaf --> Dharmadevi --> Melissa Crowhurst --> me. My Shamanic Reiki teacher is Christine Rene.

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The seven main Chakras of a human body

A chakra is an organ of your energy body. Like the lungs or kidney. Nothing mysterious there. Each chakra has a different job, just like the physical organs. 

It might help to think that they are like an orchestra that plays your song and at the same time pick up everyone else`s song. I wanted to give you a little explanation about what each main chakra (there are many more little ones) does and how they effect your life.

Let`s begin from the bottom and work our way up.

Close to the tail bone is the Root Chakra. It has to do with your survival, grounding, security and identity or purpose. It is like the foundation. Color red, element earth. A goo affirmation might be "I am safe and confident".

Blockage in the Root can be caused by trauma, poor bonding with parents, abuse or neglet.

Just below the navel you have the Sacral Chakra. This is the home of your pleasure and joy. Color orange, element water, affirmation "I am creative and full of joy".

Blockage in the Sacral can be caused by ignored feelings, severe religious programming, abuse and manipulation.

Above the navel, under the chest bone is the Solar Plexus Chakra. Home of intuition and confidence, your personal power. Color yellow, element fire, affirmation "I am strong and completely capable".

Blockage in the Solar Plexus can be caused by Bullying, authorotative household, abuse, fear and shaming.

The Heart Chakra  holds love and compassion.Color green, element air, affirmation "I am love and love freely".

Blockage can be caused by loss, rejection, abandonment, physical or verbal abuse, betrayal and ignored grief.

The Throat Chakra holds space for your creativity and expression. Color blue, element ether or space, affirmation "I am expressive and speak my truth".

Blockage here can be caused by lack of trust, drug abuse, verbal abuse or forced secrets.

The Third Eye is right between your eye brows and hold your psychic ability like intuition and visualization. Color indigo, element vibration, light and affirmation "I am calm ans can solve any problem".

Blockage in the Third Eye can be caused by violence, lack of encouragement for ideas, lack of validation or psychic or intuitive abilities and fear.

And then the highest piece in the body is the Crown Chakra and it is like a halo, a crown on the top of your head. The other chakras are like cones spreading from the body both in the front and back. The crown is upwards.

This is where you have your wisdom and connection. Color violet, element consciousness, affirmation "I am connected and at peace".

A blockage in the Crown can be affected by lack of self education, being ridiculed, withholding knowledge, lack of support for ideas, exposure to fanatical religious beliefs.

As you can see, there are many things that can shake our energetic balance. Reiki and energy healing aim to move those blockages and help you get aligned again.

I like to use crystals with Reiki. They boost the energy.

I work with crystals in my Reiki session
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 - helps you move out the blockages in your energy field and chakras

 - promotes harmony and balance, also between the mind, body and spirit

 - creates deep relaxation and releases stress and tension

 - detoxifies the energy body and helps with the physical as well

 - improves the focus by clearing the mind

 - help grounding and centering

 - amplifies the natural healing ability

 - gives better sleep

 - relieves pain

 - assists in spiritual growth

 - compliments medical procedures and the recovery from such

Reiki Healing: Text
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