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Lean in your core

How to handle a difficult situation?

Today it felt overwhelming

To take care of a difficult thing

That just had to be done.

It felt like being in the woods

So deep, there was no way out.

"This too shall pass",

I whispered to myself in the morning

And there was enough light in that thought.

I leaned into my core,

My sense of who I am,

And how I do things.

I allowed all the feelings to surface

And really felt them too.

I stayed true to myself

And step by step

I managed to get the thing done

With ease and grace.

It would have been easy

To let myself get upset.

But then it would have been hard

To act gracefully

And with honest intentions.

...and then I re-arranged the furniture in that space and did some energy magic to release all the feels 😁

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