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Do not let anyone fuck with your flow

It gets stored into your energy system and lots of such can mess with your health!

You are energy. Everything is. That energy of yours affects your physical systems. Health means free flow of energy.

Stress is one of the biggest energy blockers.

Often, the stress is not even yours but someone elses projection that you felt so strong that you took it on.

Empaths do that all the time and it accumulates on you. Please stop letting that happen!

Energy healing is removing those blocks and getting the energy moving again.

All you need to do is relax when having your healing.

The energy keeps moving after the healing too and can cause thirst, tiredness, warm or cold sensations, crying, emotions etc. and thats good for you💗 It will anchor soon and you'll notice how the healing assisted you💗

You do not need to believe in what your healer does, the energy will move regardless of your opinion on it.

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