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Aloe Vera

I was looking at some photos from my b-day trip to Mallorca a few years back and this pic really took me back to the refreshing holiday mood😍 There where aloes on the balconys of our hotel😍

This fierce plant is said to have spiritual, protective and healing benefits. In Ancient Egyptian times, it was used a part of a special embalming blend for mummification. The Aloe Vera has a deep spiritual connection the physical realm + the realm of the afterlife. If Aloe Vera is calling to you currently, it may symbolize the need for healing and not resisting old wounds that need to come to the surface to be released. You must be patient with your healing process, without any judgment. This medicinal plant gives up its healing flesh to you, infused with the energy of the sun as well as the moon (due to the water element) to give you a cleansing and cathartic healing. Don't underestimate the potency of this plant medicine😍

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