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What level of reality awareness are you in?

Here are the 4 levels and a good little mind work-out to create better energy for your day:

1) the Victim

- believes that the world is happening TO them.

- benefits from playing the "wouldn`t it be nice if..."-game. Meaning that they go thru the day in their mind in the morning imagining how that day could play out for the best. Like: Wouldn`t it be nice if I had a nice cup of coffee before my first meeting, ...if I could get my opinion out well in the meeting, ...if others respect my opinion and take it account, ...if the dinner turns out really nice and the family is in a good mood and so on. You get the picture.

- thinking about a good result in beforehand amplifies the energy supporting that outcome. Thoughts become things!

2) the Manifester

- believes that things are happening BY them.

- understands that they are a co-creator of their world, experiences and events.

- benefits from using the Law of Attraction to manifest their desires. Raising their vibration thru meditation or other techniques is the way to go here. Life is more fun than for the Victim, but this constant manifesting can be hard. One needs to kind of work on the vibe all the time and be mindfull because thoughts become things!

3) the Channeler

- believes that the reality comes THRU them

- understands to put aside their own desires and make and hold space for their Purpose to come thru them

- benefits from meditation, where putting the Ego away is the key. Holding space is more effortless and easy than manifesting because at this level of awareness outside influence does not effect the inner peace as much.

- listens to their Intuition to the maximum. Intuition is like a muscle, it needs practice in order to get bigger and better. Listens to the intuition and thinks the thoughts intuition brings because thoughts become things!

4) the Enlightened

- believes that they are One with everything. The Purpose, the Universe, the Source - what ever you like to call it - comes thru them with ease and grace and flow. They are an instrument.

- they need to practice what their intuition calls them to practice.

Happy work-out times EveryBunny! Let me know how it works for you.

Lots of Love and Light!

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