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Symbol: Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a powerful healing crystal. It is most well known as a stone for opening, healing and activating the heart chakra. It symbolizes love, joy, connection and harmony. but not just symbolizes but really is all that!

Rose Quartz reconnects you with Love. Your very essence is Love. It is easy to take it for granted at times. Love can often get overshadowed - tuned out by the drama of everyday life. Then you get caught up in the mundane, the material, the routine and you miss observing the magic that exists in everything; experiences, people, places and things. When you dig deep enough, everyone is just seeking love. But if you get in the habit of focusing on the things that go wrong, or could go wrong, it can be very challenging to pivot your energy back toward hope, faith, and joy, let alone the mother of all good vibes love.

Geologically speaking, Rose Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral compressed over eons of time at extremely high temperatures and then cooled into a soft pink crystallization of energy. But don’t be fooled by its subtle colour! While very soothing and healing to the spirit, Rose Quartz is a powerful harmonizer of the body’s energies and helps remove the emotional wounds and beliefs that keep you separated from love. Place Rose Quartz in every room of your house to invite in the graceful energy of the heart chakra. The same way that keeping a neat home creates a sense of calm; Rose Quartz chunks sprinkled throughout your house bring a deep healing and rejuvenating energy and inspires those who live there to always move from a space of love and compassion. One must turn the attention inward, with the inspiration and guidance of intuition and deep connection to Mother Earth, to ultimately reawaken and let the self-love within then flow out.

You can meditate or practice yoga with Rose Quartz nearby to amplify your practice and help you awaken heart-centered consciousness. Hold a piece of healing Rose Quartz in your left hand and receive the etheric energy as it flows directly to your heart center or, if you like, place your crystal-filled hand directly over your heart.

In many ancient systems of healing and medicine, the hands are considered to be extensions of the heart, “the wings of the heart.”

When the heart chakra is healthy and in balance, the lower chakras feel secure and the higher chakras - the throat (truth), the third eye (intuition), and the crown (connection to the higher self) have the opportunity to come to life. Love is the key that unlocks the whole chakra system. But the heart can become weak if not given the proper nourishment and care, just like any muscle, so it’s important to regularly tune in and listen to what your heart needs.

This is my personal favorite, even knowing that a raw piece might be more powerful....

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