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This summer I've had the opportunity to support more people that don't believe in energy healing than ever before.

Seems like the challenging times that many are having somehow open them for the possibility of energy healing. I am so honoured and happy to help in their healing process ❤

....but cannot help but wonder how things could have played differently if they had opened up to Reiki sooner.

Often Reiki or other alternative modalities are the last straw, when nothing else seems to help. Imagine if people could receive energy healing before the situation was a very big messy ball of confusion and weird symptoms. It would be so easy to avoid quite a few bigger problems by sorting them out of the energy system earlier 💫

Reiki is a beautiful, traditional japanese energy healing technique that helps to restore the balance in a persons or animals energy system. It awakens the natural ability to heal🙌

I love Reiki ❤

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