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Change your thoughts

At the time of crisis people often get fearful. An emotion that does not do your immune system any favors. Did you know that all fears are learned? A baby has two fears: of being dropped and of loud noises. The rest of your fears you have learned. They are not something you were born with.

Could you do yourself (and the collective) a favor and as an intelligent human, try to step away from fear? When ever you get a thought that is from a place of fear, choose to think the opposite. "I fear the food supply is going to stop" - DECIDE to think that there is plenty of food for all, I`m gonna be okay, I have lots of food at my house, I live in an abundant society, and so on. You see, your thoughts create your emotions. And your thoughts and emotions create your energy. And your energy vibrates at a certain frequency and ATTRACTS what you think and feel. So thinking of lack and fear makes you experience that. Thinking of abundance and joy makes you experience that. It`s quite easy, once you become aware of it.

Your mind is brilliant! It believes everything you decide to tell it and then does everything to give you that experience. It does not know what is true, what is a wishful thought or when you are feeling sorry for yourself. If you tell yourself, your mind that you are afraid; then you will feel it and the fear can easily manifest.

You cannot choose what is happening in the world right now, you cannot choose the weather, you cannot choose a lot of stuff but the one thing you can choose is your thought on it. Breathe a little light into your heart and calm down. And that is how you can feel safe and at peace even in turbulent circumstances.

Practice a little and let me know how it works for you, please. If you would like some help, feel free to contact me. I would love to do some meditations together and teach you how to ground, energize your joy and more. Find out more here:

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