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Gratitude is a Superpower

Did you know, that gratitude might be the only human feeling that leaves no room for any negative emotions? Meaning that when you feel gratitude, and I mean really feel, not just think about, you simply cannot feel any lower vibration feeling.

Knowing how important it is to keep your vibration high in order to be able to attract the experiences and things that you desire or to allow your purpose to manifest thru you, this is an easy shortcut isn`t it? We are all human and sometimes you will find yourself in a state of procrastination or other low vibe state. The quick fix is to feel gratitude! With that you can rise and start to align with your higher self and from that place it is so much easier to function in alignment with your dreams, goals or purpose.

I challenge you to dig deep into gratitude and see for yourself how easy it is to use it as a shortcut. Remember, that feeling gratitude (or any emotion) on the go, intentionally, is like a muscle: it gets stronger with practice.

So go on and make a huge list of everything you can be grateful for starting with being alive, having a body, being able to express yourself and so on all the way to food, water, family and everything between - and beyond. Trust me, if you do it properly, you will start to feel gratitude and not just think about it and when you do this a lot, you can call the emotion when ever you need it without having to start thinking about all the things that cause the feeling if that makes sense.

Let me know how it works for you.

Have a Blessed Easter or Ostara or what ever you choose to celebrate at this time.

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