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Was by a bonfire today and had to wonder about the meanings people give fire...

Fire has long played an important part in many faiths and many ancient celebrations from the Beltane and May Day fires to candles lit in churches for remembrance. It appears in symbols, myths and legends. Fires are common at Samhain, or Halloween. Midsummer and Christmas also have their own fiery traditions.

Fire is one of the four traditional elements, alongside Earth, Air and Water, symbolising the balance of all things.

Fire is often used as a symbol for passion, love or intensity and sometimes anger; we talk of a “burning passion” or of doing things “in the heat of the moment”, or refer to an attractive person as being “hot”.

Fire can also be a spiritual sign, particularly if seen in a dream. It's exact meaning can vary from indicating that you need to find the passion in your life to signifying a forthcoming transformation.

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