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About the Wealth and Abundance Bagua

I work with BTB Bagua map and in it one has the Wealth Bagua in the left back section of any given space, looking from the door into the space in question.

The Wealth Bagua is governed by the element Wood, which you can activate with lush plants, brown and green colours. Purple is a perfect colour for abundance as is gold. Columnar is a good shape for wood. This area also works with self-worth and generosity.

In my family area there are brown wallpaper, a wooden sideboard with a large plant (not too pointy), purple flowers, a golden buddha and lots of light. You can notice that I have a mirror here too. Mirrors are the element Water, which nurtures the element Wood and takes down the Fire element: we have a fireplace in the Wood sections that needs to be balanced.

I love using amethyst crystals in this area to amplify the energy of abundance.

I find working with Feng Shui super fun! Do you?

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