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The Cat as a Symbol

This post is about my favorite creature, the cat. My cat is a Russian Blue, born 2006. His name is Katzenhof Amazing Cute. We call him Kuutti. My furbaby, my friend. I am one of those people, who look at an animal and see a soul.

Cat symbolizes independence, purity and guardianship. They had been considered Gods and Goddesses by our ancestors. They are powerful creatures, and their presence in your life could entirely change you. Whether you see them in real life, or in your dream, they are giving you a unique message that you should consider. They are guardians and want to warn you of anything bad comes your way, but it is up to you how you take the message.

The cat, as a symbol, often balances two opposite things like light and dark, rest and action, outer and inner, good or bad. The cat is a symbol of patience, independence, curiosity and courage. The cat is a very spiritual animal; it is known for its ability to wait and act only when the time is right.

The cat is a mysterious animal and suggests you to embrace your independence and curious nature. Cats are known to keep the secret to their deaths. Having a meaningful meeting with a cat could mean that if you are facing some kind of a change in your life and you are resisting it, then you shouldn’t. Encountering a cat at this time is a go-go signal that you should accept that change.

Cats have 9 lives – this makes them the risk taker. Sometimes, risks are an essential part of life and they are important to move forward. Having cats turn up in your radar might mean that you can go for the risk you are thinking about. You shouldn’t fear of failing because this risk could take you to success.

Cats are considered highly magical creatures in the spiritual world. Their presence around humans can directly affect them. When you see a cat as your totem, it means that you could learn from the nine lives of the cat. Each life represents a risk that you could take, but it is important that you evaluate the result first. It doesn’t mean that you could blindly jump in the well. Have you ever seen a cat hunting its food? It remains still until it is the time is right to attack. You should learn from this tactic and take the shot when the time is right.

Cats can see in the dark; their retinas can catch movements even in very low light. You should also have sharp sight to look into the things that are not vividly visible.

Mostly cat owners claim that their pet is lazy most of the time. Cats really enjoy their sleep and don’t want to get disturbed at all. It is the thing that you could also learn if you are pushing yourself too hard. Sleep and rest time recharge the body and uplift it. When you want to work at your best, you should take necessary rest as well. Take some quiet time and enjoy your sleep.

The people who have the cat totem want to seek enlightenment. Although cat people are kind hearted and care for others, they don’t bother to correct someone, who might have the wrong idea about the cat person, and show them the right path. Cat totem people are often smart and know how to make good decisions and they are most independent and don’t require the help of the other animal spirit people. They are self-sufficient and know how to deal with their lives and their problems. As they are confident, the cat spirit people don’t need anyone`s assurance. They know what they are doing and remain satisfied with that. They are the people who enjoy their own company and don’t need much help from others.

As the cat spirit people are highly independent and make decisions on their own, they often neglect the world. Sometimes, this habit leads them into trouble because working as a team player is far more beneficial in many scenarios than working alone. Confidence and overconfidence are only a few millimetres apart, and cat people don’t know when they cross the line. As they are highly confident in their decision making, sometimes, they even hurt others in the process and don’t want to change what they think. Even though when they are wrong, they don’t want to accept it. Cat totem people know how to use their powers to manipulate others and change the game for themselves.

The cat spirit people don’t talk much. They are the people who sit back and enjoy the show silently. They observe their surroundings and notice minimal changes.

Cats are present in different colors and every color symbolizes a different meaning or a message. Orange cats encourage new beginning – they symbolize significant change. They are environmentalists and predict global change as well. Like other cats, they also help in energy healing. Orange cats are the sign of leadership, boldness, and confidence. They appear as the sign for you to accept the new beginning and be on your way.

Grey or silver is associated with mystery; you must have seen that spirits and mystical creatures often appear in the silver color. Grey cats are linked with harmony, mystery and silence. These cats bring good luck, emotional stability, peace and love. Mainly, grey cats connect people with the present by making them remember their past experiences. They bring the best out of them. They lead humans towards their actual spiritual needs when they neglect it and become too busy in life. Grey cats are the great supporters and the reminder that bad times will pass and good times will come.

White cats are the supporter of human beings; they help us to raise our own powers because of their connection with the spirit and nature. They possess very special healing gifts. White cats are considered as a good luck charm in many parts of the world. White cat spiritual meaning is purity and positivity.

It might surprise you that black cat symbolism is physical healing because it is considered as the bad omen. But really; when you see a black cat crossing the road, it only means that the animal has some business on the other side of the road. Traditional herbalists and witches often had black cats – this has connected them to bad luck but people forget that both of these owners have special healing powers. Spirituality highly respects the power of black cats as their medical instincts are amazing. Not only that, but they are also the right companion for artists and writers because of the creative powers.

Dreams are a highly powerful mode of communication. They are the message of our subconscious to our soul. The mind uses the language of symbol and seeing the cat in your dreams means something. Seeing a cat in the dream symbolizes sensuality and feminine essence.

Other meanings by what the cat Is doing: if you see a cat biting your foot, it means that you are losing your balance in real life; and in achieving your goals, you are neglecting what is important. If a cat bites your hands, it means that you are dropping your feminine characteristics. Cat fights mean that you are having trouble. A crying cat means sorrow or death of your loved one. A bird eating cat means you are going get success in romance. A cat chasing a mouse means good fortune is present near you, and you are going to get what you desire. When you see you are running after a cat, it means that you are going through a bad situation and you are unable to handle it. A cat following you in a dream means that someone admires you secretly. A cat giving birth means that soon you are going to get responsibilities of life. A cat drowning in water represents that you are going to see a hard time in the future.

Key words for the cat as a symbol:

Intelligent – know when and how to take the correct decision

Protective – give protection to not only themselves but to loved ones as well

Independent – but enjoy their social connections more than anyone

Highly Confident – as they have deep connection with inner self

Sensitive – because they feel the real meaning behind words

Agile – quick in actions but work with care

Curious – want to know everything and love to explore

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