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Symbol: Squirrel

Squirrel’s meaning and symbolism are tied to lightheartedness and pure fun. This playful creature has a more sensible side too: Squirrel hides bits of food for the winter.

Elementally Squirrels are solar creatures. They love the sun. This correspondence gives Squirrel the extra symbolism of life, passion, manifestation, and drive.

There is no question that Squirrels are very cute and also a little eccentric. Even with all that movement, you rarely sense stress in Squirrel. If anything, all that activity seems rather zen and calming; this is a powerful message from Squirrel. Amusement and play are potent companions to a balanced, peaceful life. Stop taking life so seriously that you miss all the fun moments.

When the Squirrel enters your life as a guide, sign, spirit animal - or whatever you choose to call it when you suddenly seem to notice Squirrel more than usual, not necessarily by number but you just pay more attention - it marks a period during which you let your hair down. Time to really release yourself and accept joy and pleasure fully into your life. It decreases the stress that often leaves you feeling distracted or frustrated; with that gone, you can refocus your mind on practical matters without irritation.

Squirrels are known for having quite a voice. When they play, they chatter. When they sense danger, their vocalization warns other Squirrels nearby. This teaches us finding our voice and using it effectively. Being mindful of our words and honoring their power is part of Squirrel medicine.

Squirrel medicine in your life speaks of preparation. While Squirrel might be aiming for nuts, pinecones, and seeds, what are your aims for being prepared for the future? Squirrel sometimes comes as a trickster. In the wild, he creates fake bundles of food, neatly distracting other animals from his real treasure. The question Squirrel asks here is: Are you too exposed? Are you properly safeguarding your treasure?

Friends of Squirrel love them because they simply enjoy life and make everyone smile. Squirrel understands the inner child and finds beauty or sweetness in the smallest of things. This outlook is contagious. Squirrel doesn’t cling to material goods. As long as you know you have adequate amounts, you are quite content. If you begin feeling low in reserves, however, it’s easy to become a hoarder or intense collector. Watch out for that temptation.

Another goal for which Squirrel gives supports is that of releasing negativity in our lives and replacing it with self-love and emotional stability. It is impossible to feel joyful when pain drags you down in the mud. Squirrel clears away that energy using happiness as a tool. Once you start feeling alive again, get ready to romp! Squirrel will call on you to let that inner child out for a spin.

Native American stories show two different sides to Squirrel. One is a noisy rabble-rouser and gossip. The other is as an industrious provider. Additionally, Northern tribes feel that Squirrel comes across your path to warn of danger ahead. In Scottish heraldry, Squirrel represents duty, honor, a passion for nature, and trustworthiness. The Mayan calendar includes the sign of Squirrel who are born from May 30 to June 26. People of this zodiacal sign are hardworking and very delicate and have a good sense of humor. Their friendliness makes it easier for them to make friends wherever they are. They are expressive and dreamers. Those born under Squirrel are intuitive and insightful. They are prone to have large extended families and a passion for being around people. Squirrel is also very loving and practical.

A Squirrel appearing in your dreams may have several different meanings depending on the creature’s activities. For example, if gathering nuts Squirrel predicts a lucky turn of events with plenty to share with friends and family. Squirrel sitting on a large pile of nuts implies you are hoarding something or holding onto something fruitless. Finally, feeding Squirrel represents pride and ease that comes with honest, good work.

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Here are pics from this morning on our terrace. They scared the living ### out of our cat.

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