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Symbol: Pond

When you start to notice more of the same thing, or that thing somehow feels important or significant, you might want to have a look at what the symbolic meaning of that thing is. Maybe there is something there to reflect on…

Finding yourself near a pond or ponds like I did today – and was totally mesmerized by them - can represent the need to take time to reflect on things or on life’s meaning. A pond could represent the desire for more leisure and quiet, your search for peace, a time for reflection of your life.

On the other hand, it may be an indication that you are keeping guard and exercising caution in expressing your feelings. The pond is a place where secret hopes and passions reside. You are taking stock of your situation.

And like any body of water, it connects with your emotional experience. A pond is small and manageable, so it is reflecting a connection with your emotions from an idyllic and resourceful sensibility. Look to the state or condition of the pond for a glimpse into your emotional state. If the surface is calm, a balanced emotional life. As indicated in the saying “Still waters run deep,” it is also a symbol of deep feelings.

If you see a pond in your dream, upcoming events will go smoothly. Dreams of a pond symbolize inner reflection. You are taking time to ponder the looking glass of your unconscious mind, as you connect with your intuition and inner guidance. If the pond is muddy or disturbed, you will have arguments with someone in your family.

A pond is a natural setting, so it relates to your personal experience of your feeling nature. It is a place to ground deep into mother earth.

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