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Snail symbolism

These fellows are all over the place this fall so you know I had to look up the symbolism😁

"You are headed in the right direction, and if you are willing to keep heading that way, you will make progress. Stick with it!"


In general, Snail symbolism is letting you know that you need to slow down! In other words, this spirit animal is asking you; What’s the big hurry?

Also, the Snail symbolism is letting you know that any pace is a good pace. You must release your beliefs about not getting things done on time. Be sure to trust your process, stay present, and chug along. The Snail insists that there is no sense in causing yourself any more stress.

The Snail symbolism is letting you know that you have to use your time wisely. You do have time for everything: you should make sure that there is steady progress in all of your projects.  Snail symbolism reminds you to stay in the present so that everything gets done.

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