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Never Dim Your Light for Others to Feel Comfortable

Your friends & family don’t realize how harmful their negative commenting or lack of support is to you. In their mind they are protecting you and protecting themselves. They see what you are doing as “unsafe” or “ too different” or not following the “status quo.” They are confined to the limitations of what they believe is possible. By you jumping outside of that box you scare them and you may threaten the choices they have made for their own lives.

But you should never dim your light just to make other people feel secure. You think hiding your passion and your purpose will make the nay-sayers stop? It will not. People will find things to criticize and judge you for. Their judgment speaks more about their own character than about yours. It is non of your business to be worried about what other people think of you! You can’t let people make you feel like you need to hide or abandon your core, your truth, your chosen reality. You do you anyway. No matter what.

Never hide. Never give up. Never dim your light. The world needs your gift. The Universe loves and needs you.

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