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Mushroom symbolism

There is this polypore on our backyard. Has been for years. You know that I simply had to look into the symbolic meaning of fungis😂

Mushroom is a symbol for kundalini energy and the kundalini experience, a symbol of enlightenment💥

Overnight, as if by magic, mushrooms spring from the ground. The seeming spontaneous origin of these fungi adds to their mystical intrigue, gives them an air of good luck, fast evolving💫

The ring of mushrooms, fairy rings, known in France as “sorcerer rings” can vary greatly in size and can even become stable, remaining in one spot for years. The circles were thought to have fantastical origins. In Germany it was believed that they arose from witches dancing the night prior. The ring was seen as a portal to another realm and caution was recommended before breaking the sanctity of the circle. I would love to see one💫

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