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Grounding is the process of balancing and equalizing the energy within a body, ridding it of negative energies and replacing lost energy with energy from the earth.

Grounding is necessary for any energy worker to master.

Grounding rids the body of negative energies and influences. As we move through our daily lives, we unconsciously pick up these energies from our interaction with the environment, be it from a minor inconvenience (someone in your parking spot) to unsettling circumstances (arguments with loved ones, physical threats). These influences stick in our minds because the energy sticks with our body, causing havoc with our energy bodies. Grounding allows us to let all of those moments disappear and melt from our bodies.

Grounding replenishes lost energy. We lose energy, sometimes even freely give it away, through our contributions and interactions.

We put a lot of energy into our career, our fitness, our relationships, and it can even be stolen without adequate protection. Have you ever felt drained after talking with someone, where after you’re done interacting with them, you feel tired and slothful? This is the result of giving away too much of your energy to them and their situation.

Just as an electrical circuit, the body needs to have a balance of energy in its system to work efficiently. Too much energy in the circuit can cause burnout or having your senses and abilities fried, as your body simply can’t handle that much power in the system.

Too little energy and your abilities simply won’t function optimally, as well as creating a lazy and slothful physical body.

In the course of any intensive work, energy or otherwise, energy will always be used to attain your goals. Grounding helps establish your baseline and create an optimal working environment.

There are many ways to ground. Personally, I love to connect in with the earth in a forest or the beach.

With my boys in the woods, April 2020

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