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Flow like water

To flow like water is a beautiful experience🌊

Water finds it's flow around obstacles and blocks, changes even the rocks without ever losing it's softness🌊

Water reflects back whatever you show it without losing it's own clarity🌊

The negative oxygen ions that crashing water generates are very good for you🌊 They make the beach one of the most powerful places to ground and the most popular happy place for many🌊 If I do a shamanic journey style meditation, I usually have water in it somewhere and so do my clients🌊

Water is one of the most essential things to life on earth, so precious and yet so ordinary for the lucky ones who live in abundance of it🌊

There is great power in water when a storm occures and depths of the oceans hide many secrets and wonderful creatures🌊

The sound of water, the rain, the waves, the waterfalls... sound healing at it's best🌊🙏

Oh, and then there is the form of water🌊 What do you think of Dr. Emoto's findings? They resonate with me so deeply🌊🙏

I often do a little Reiki for my drinking water and bless my shower🌊 Try it!

Let this be a watery year for you: decide your direction and begin to move like water, soft and strong🌊🌊🌊

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