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Feng Shui tips for the living room

Following my own advice that came thru on Monday with the card reading: Generosity. Giving without expecting anything in return💫❤ And also reacting to the feedback I got from my poll last week🙏 You are interested in energy and Feng Shui got the most requests💫 Since it is easy to give as general advice for all, I'll do just that. If you need help with your home office during this social distancing, let me know and I'll DM you some instuctions. Feng Shui for the living room: Make sure the first thing one sees is a comfortable seeting area to wellcome the Chi. Add life with plants, not too pointy. If toys dominate the living room, it is the kids that run the show (like it is in our house daytim, as you can see😂). If the TV is dominant, then there is too much energy in the virtual world and not amongst family members. Keep the doors open to allow the flow of energy. Not like this😂 Hubby just has to work downstairs when it's naptime, because the home office is next to the bedroom and he simply isn't quiet on the phone😉 and so I must shut the doors to keep the boys asleep. Notice his casual thursday look😂 If you must work in the living room, arrange your seating so that you see the door, you have wall behind you, and not a window or door. and keep in mind your good directions according to your Kua💫 Use colors and items supporting the element of the bagua in the space. A little peachy colour amplifyes joy energy in the home😁 Hopefully this was helpful🙏❤ Have fun and enjoy fengshui'ing your living room❤

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