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Energy healing

This is one of my favourite things to do:

Energy Healing💫

If there is a specific problem with the energy you might feel:

- a blockage in your energy or chakras (same issues keep popping up),

- auric problems like feeling lack of protection or uncomfortable size of aura (too tight, uncentered or too large),

- grounding difficulties (feeling spacey or unbalanced)

- or an uneasy feeling that something is off (usually stagnant energy that is not yours, but have difficulties releasing).

You do have the ability to transmute all these things yourself, but if it feels overwhelming or you don`t know how to approach the problem (like you have all the ingredients for a cake and know what it is supposed to look like but have never baked a cake), you might want a little help. Allow me to assist you forward by adjusting your energy from a distance for you. It`s a little like Distance Reiki, but rather than channeling, I actively work with your energy system to balance it.

I like to do the Energy adjustments in the evening when the client is getting ready to sleep. Then there is a lot of time, the whole night, for everything to settle and anchor.

Contact to book a session

on my website.

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