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Chrystal fueled

Crystals as my fuel💎

I love crystals! I find that minerals hold energetic frequencies and can be used as powerful aid in many situations💎

I discovered the power of crystals when I was maybe 14 or 16 years, something like that: read the story on my about -page at, link in bio.

Clear Quartz was my first love, used Red Jasper and Rhodochrosite a lot too💎

Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Rose Quartz are an easy start if you want to begin working with the earthly crystalline energies.

Or visit a crystal shop - online works just as well, I think: use your intention to be drawn to the crystal that would best serve you now. I like @kuukorento online shop (not ad, just my recommendation). Trust your intuition when finding the right mineral💎

I keep the pieces I work with at the moment in the kitchen (in the pic) and hold one of them in my hand or in my bra to feel and connect to the energy💎

An energetic quick fix is to kinda throw my energy on a crystal (that holds the properties I need at that moment or Clear Quartz wich works for anything) and then call my energy back. Doing it a few times really helps you to get the feel of it💎

I meditate with a crystal breathing thru it and allowing it's energy to fill mine💎

I sleep with an amethyst under my pillow for great dreams💎

I clean my aura daily with Selenite💎

I wear crystal jewelry every day💎

I have crystals around the house and garden to support the Chi (using feng shui as my guide) 💎

....and so much more💎

You do not need to believe in the healing power of crystals. They can help you regardless of your opinion💎

Hope this answers your kind questions about my crystal work, being fueled by crystals💎

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