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Be present

In this time of information over-load it is super important to stay present in your body in order to vibrate high for a fulfilling human experience. You are energy, just like everyone and everything is. Your energy is called your Spirit. Your Spirit has a body, but the Spirit is bigger than your body. Your Spirit has also Aura that has many other bodies; you don`t have just the physical one. You have emotional, spiritual and so on too. The main organs of your energy body are called chakras. They all have different functions, just like the organs of your physical body. For the energy body to be healthy, these organs - chakras - need to be functioning well for the energy to flow thru them with ease.

With all the events that have taken place in your life, all the places you have been to, all the people you have met, all the information that is been poured into your system, all the worries and expectations of the future hold a little bit of your energy. With time this can get overwhelming. You might start to feel ungrounded, in-your-head, spacey, off or how ever you describe the feeling of not being in your body. All your bodies. Your energetic system.

It is so important for the well-being of your Spirit to call your energy back from time to time. I do it every evening. So simple and so effective. Here is my way to do it, you might have another practice. The way is not important here, the result is.

Close your eyes,

ground yourself,

take your awareness behind the eyes,

move it a little higher and back

so that your awareness is now behind the third eye.

Simply call your energy back

from all other places, times, events, people and thoughts.

Feel your energy rising.

Ask your energy to be cleared

of everything that is not yours

and all negative energy.


Take it all in.


It is done.

From a place of spiritual well-being it is easier to live mindfully rather than reactfully. You choose your reality by the way you react to everything. Keep your vibe high!

Lots of Light!


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