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About choosing your life path

“Am I on my life path?

Depending on your perspective, this question can make your life easier or more stressful. The words life path makes us think there is a pre-determined road we're meant to follow, yet we don’t know what it is. We have free will which we're supposed to use to choose the right path.

This perspective is a good setup for stress and failure because it turns life into a set of critical decisions, where we need to guess right path or make the right choice over and over with limited information. The "life path" model is stressful. Change your model to something more empowering.

Instead of thinking about your life as a path, try to imagine streams of energy flowing around you. Try to feel the momentum behind life events, your genetics, your upbringing, and trying to carry you in a particular direction like a wave. Your experiences are not simply random events, because every experience was chosen by you so you can experience a particular situation in life. Nothing is pure coincidence — your experiences are manifesting something deeper within you.

You don’t need to keep guessing. With this new perspective, you no longer have to guess the right path each time. You can simply sense where this energy stream naturally wants to take you. Your goal is to learn to stop fighting the flow and let its momentum carry you to the things you want to experience.

What you previously thought of as a set of critical decisions becomes a fun process because you’re discovering your flow as you go.

“Life purpose” has the same problems “How do I find my life purpose?”

Yet, the concept of life purpose can have the same challenges as life path. You may think there is a predetermined destination that you should be heading towards. Your life purpose is achieve if you follow your life path. You might even feel like you need to create a plan to achieve a specific goal and you should know what that goal is. This perspective can be quite stressful. If you’re following the momentum of your life streams, however, you don't need to know your destination or plan your path. It’s something you discover over time. As you live, you notice more about yourself and your life — what your desires are, what you like, what you don’t like and so on… It becomes fun.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with planning to go somewhere or do something, but pay attention to the energy behind your life and be ready to draw up a new plan as you feel the momentum change.

In this way, you're life can be a curious and enjoyable adventure!”

Summary from a text by Jeffrey Allen, one of my teachers. I love this! You?

This is a pic of me at a clients house in flow state, doing my thing, so alive, channeling, holding space for healing... Happy.

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