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Roses are associated with love and romance. The symbolism of a perfect bud representing new love, or the intoxicating scent of a fully open rose to proclaim intense passion are ways love has always been linked to the rose.

Roses can also mean secrecy or confidentiality. The term “sub rosa”, meaning under the rose, comes from ancient times. Romans would hang roses from the ceilings of banquet halls, and it was understood, that anything said under the influence of wine was to remain confidential. In the Middle Ages, roses were also hung from the ceilings of meeting rooms. It was understood that everyone under the roses was sworn to secrecy.

The intricate and elegant rose offers a glimpse of a masterful creator's active presence in creation. As the rose blooms, its buds gradually open to reveal blossoms with lovely layers — an illustration of how spiritual wisdom unfolds in people's lives. Sacred geometry is present. I love using the rose in energy healing and meditations as a tool for cleansing the energetic field. So easy and beautiful. Rose water has healing properties for the physical body too. Roses have powerful energy fields that vibrate at a high electrical frequency — the highest of any flower on earth. It is said that smelling the fragrance of roses in prayer or meditation means you are communicating with angels.

Roses appear in accounts from all of the world's major religions as a symbol of miraculous Love at work in the world. In ancient mythology, roses symbolized eternal love in stories of how gods interacted with each other and human beings. Pagans use roses as decorations to represent their hearts. Muslims view roses as symbols of the human soul, so smelling the scent of roses reminds them of their spirituality. Hindus and Buddhists see roses and other flowers as expressions of spiritual joy. Christians view roses as reminders of the Garden of Eden, a paradise in a world that reflected God's design before sin corrupted it.

Roses are also used on four tarot cards. On the Fool, the white rose symbolizes purity and is a reminder to cleanse the mind. On the Magician card, it signifies unfolding wisdom. On the Strength card, the rose represents balance. And on the Death card, it’s a reminder of purity, clarity, and transparency of intent.

All roses symbolize Love in the world, but different colors of roses also symbolize different concepts. White roses mean purity and holiness. Red roses mean passion and sacrifice. Yellow roses mean wisdom and joy. Pink roses mean gratitude and peace. Purple or lavender roses mean wonder, awe, and change for the better.

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